Heart of Sialkot, Pakistan during the Eid Days.

Me, Myself and I

Sialkot, Pakistan is where I opened my eyes to this lovely world. It has an international reputation of exporting sports goods to the globe. Especially FIFA footballs in every world cup. It is a vibrant city of half a million having roots to the national poet of Pakistan, Mr Allama Iqbal. I graduated from University of Gujrat and made some friends there. 

I moved to Brno, Czech Republic in 2017 to start the master’s program in Public Policy and Human Resources. Brno is beautiful, with kind hearted people and lovely architecture. It was a big cultural shock for me in the beginning, but I have adopted to this life. It is a well-planned city, equipped with all hustle and bustle of life. The centrum, Moravian karst, Cathedral of St. Peter and the Brno reservoir are my favourite hot spots to worm around the city. I am an A1 level speaker in Czech Republic language and planning to learn A2. It made for me easy to communicate with the Czech people.

Orange is very prominent and beautiful colour in most Brno buildings, life is very peaceful and quiet. Rules and regulation are very humane, friendly and with administrated staff. Car parking is mostly free around the city. The other side of Brno is that it gets boring and there is a lot of drinking. Since the Czech Republic is at the heart of Europe, it is easy to leave Brno. When I need a change, I go to Prague or Vienna . I decided to move to Prague which is possible because I just take then train/bus to Brno for classes. It is very hard for me to find Pakistani food here, difficult to find many English speaking doctors but some online websites have information about English speaking doctors, but most specialists doctors in Czech Republic speaks only Czech language. However, I have some good friends here who help me in language translation when I need to have complicated conversations with doctors. It is advised for others who want to go some specialist doctors to take some person who is able to communicate with doctor in Czech language. It is difficult finding an employment with English language because many companies need Czech speaking people, but while Brno has some international companies, all need a lot of experienced persons. In the beginning everyone finds it difficult to find good job in a good company because you to have a lot previous experience. Mostly students work in some restaurants and call centres both have low wages. 

I am very happy to be here and wish Czech Republic progresses by leaps and bounds. I want to see the Czech Republic more developed international country as well as more well reputed country in the world and I wish Czech Republic economy will increase more in future.



Beautiful view of Brno city during winters where I live now.
View of Brno with orange buildings, which I like most.

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