What country you are from and what it was like moving to Brno

Tehran is the biggest city also the capital of Iran which I had been living there for 26 years.

Iran is one of the nice countries in middle east in Asia, traveling from Iran by plane takes about 10 hours with 5-hour layovers.

My journey continued in the Czech Republic by train from Prague to Brno, which took about 3 hours.

There are 2 ways reach Brno, by bus or train. There are many busses from the Prague airport to main train station then you can travel comfortably with free WIFI train or a direct bus from Prague airport to Brno.

You can transfer without any problem because if you have any questions you can contact to everyone with English.

How do you like living in Brno

Brno is the city which is calm with incredible scenery. Living in Brno is affordable and has a great transportation system.

Although Brno is the second biggest city after Prague, it is high-tech city.

Public transportation in Brno is great, you have access to go everywhere even the countryside. I really like Brno because as I have access for shopping,different clubs and every other services. During the weekend I can go outside of city and camping in amazing nature easily.

Living in Brno is very affordable, and I can study and live here with high quality.

I also like this place because of the very good and kind people.

Positive aspect

Masaryk University has many facilities for its students, like ISIC Card You can use it for many discounts when buying tickets for intercity and intercity transportation and buying clothes in some stores and restaurants.

Many events are provided by Masaryk University for students.

You can find a part-time or full-time job in Brno is easy and students with student visas are also allowed to work in this country.

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