My name is Janice, and I am currently enrolled in the bachelor degree program of International Relations and European Politics at Masaryk University. Although I am not a native English speaker, I have been speaking English fluently for more than half of my life, and so I have not faced any language obstacles whilst doing my courses.

I started thinking about what I wanted to do at university in my early years of Secondary School. However, I continuously kept changing my mind and only came to a final conclusion in my last year of Secondary school. Thus, when talking to people that are not sure of what direction to go regarding their degree, I always emphasize that it is part of the process to change your mind a few times because when you finally come to a conclusion you will be very confident about your decision.

Moreover, I kept changing my mind on which degree I wanted to pursue because I was focusing on asking myself things such as ´´which degree will lead me to a career with the highest salary?´´. When I had those kinds of questions to determine which degree I would end up doing, I ended up with a list of degrees that did not match my personality and degrees which I knew I would not enjoy doing at all. The thought of doing something that felt like an obligation for the rest of my life frightened me. Hence, I had to change my mindset and when I did, my questions regarding which degree I would go after changed as well. I began to ask myself ´´what do I enjoy doing now, and would like to continue doing?´´, ´´which degree program will I feel happiest doing?´´, and ´´which degree aligns with the career I will feel happiest and most fulfilled doing?´´, and after asking those questions my list of potential degrees changed. Personally, I always enjoyed watching the news and being more informed about global politics and international relations and understanding why the structure of the international system is as it is now. That passion of mine coupled with my strong desire to eventually become part of an organization or entity that positively contributes to the improvement and development of the world led me to choose International Relations and European Politics.

I am currently on my second semester and I couldn't be happier about my choice. I am surrounded by people from all corners of the world, so I never feel like an outsider or an outcast. Most importantly, the degree has so far given me an immense amount of knowledge that I am very grateful for, and that I will surely use in the future. Therefore, I highly recommend the degree program to anyone who also aspires to know more about the interactions within the international system, and more about things such as globalization and how it is affecting our everyday life; and anyone whose goal is to bring positive change to the world by working in an organization such the United Nations.

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