My name is Luz del Carmen Martínez Oest, I am 27 years old. As Mexican, I decided to come to Brno because of the unique opportunity to study the Master program of Cultural Sociology in English. 

While exploring my options to study my master’s degree, I was looking for a program that could involve many of the aspects of the human daily life that affect our social relations. As a bachelor graduate of International Relations, I realized that culture and society play an important role in the everyday life, and that they should be more studied due to the complexity they represent. When I found the program of Cultural Sociology that Masaryk University offers, I was really interested, because it involved many aspects that can help me to develop as a student and as a person.  

Sociology is a subject that should concern all human beings, because we live in a globalized world were societies are evolving entities, and the knowledge and understanding of them are of great importance for each of us. Cultural Sociology studies the meaning making of societies, and part of the beauty of a master program like this one, is that you can explore and write from the most complex topic, like migration, to basic themes that are part of our daily life, like objects, sports, among many other things.  

For me, studying in a language other than my native, is very challenging. Some of the readings or lectures are very complex to understand, and they require a very good level of English. Anyway, I decided to take that challenge because I am aware that for the future, studying a master program in English can bring many benefits, like improving my level and therefore increasing my opportunity to find a better job. 

Besides the program of Cultural Sociology, another reason to study in Masaryk University, is the prestige of the university. This year, Masaryk is celebrating its 100 year of existence, showing that history and prestige matter. As well, it is the second largest university in the Czech Republic, with more than 35,000 students from all over the world.  

Another benefit that for me was of great importance is the cost of the master program. Masaryk University is an affordable university to study your master’s degree, and the city itself creates some other opportunities to fulfill your studies, like the possibility of working. 

I think that students should apply to a master like Cultural Sociology because Masaryk University is the perfect place to study a program that involves diversity, creating real opportunities to explore and live the richness of multiculturality. As well, the professors are from different parts of the world and so far, I have had great professors that are open to dialogue and that create the possibility to participate in clubs and activities out of classes. For example, the Supperclub, where it is possible to read and evaluate papers of classmates that want some feedback about them. Or my favorite one, which is the Center for the Cultural Sociology of Migration, where you discuss different topics of migration based in different enriching papers.

Anyone interested in Cultural Sociology would be happy to study their masters in Masaryk University, because it is the best place to learn about Cultural Sociology in an affordable price, while meeting people from all over the world.

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