My Favorite Things to Do in Brno

One of the most exciting things about moving to a new city is to explore the places that fits your soul the best and create habits to go these places. Here are some of my favorites that I enjoy the most in Brno: 

1. Have A Breathtaking Walk In Luzanky

Sometimes you just need to take a breath, and Luzanky is the best option for this in Brno. It is the largest park in the city center. Especially if the weather is good, I enjoy the walks in Luzanky a lot. Every season brings the park a different beautiful look and it is always nice to hear birds singing and if you are lucky you can see the squirrels getting around. 

 2. Are you a cocktail enthusiast? Then Super Panda Circus is for you!

I really like places that has a unique atmosphere and some concept to offer. Also I love the cocktails. So, I have no reason not to like Super Panda Circus. After you get to the other side of the curtain, you can feel yourself in a different world. They do not have a regular menu, but they have many different cocktails to offer. The menu changes in cocktails with pretty interesting names; and you do not need to choose your cocktail from the menu either; you can say what kind of cocktails do you like and which kind of alcohol do you want in your cocktail; Then the magic will happen. Also watching the bartender preparing the cocktails is a show that you will definitely enjoy. 

3. Follow the events in Namesti Svobody

The main square is usually full of events in Brno. Especially during the seasons when the weather is good, there is always a food and drink festival with a variety of booths selling souvenirs, food, and a course of beer and wine with a company of live music or shows. I really feel happy when I have a drink at a nice evening, surrounded by people having fun, singing and dancing. My favorite ones so far have been the st. St. St. St. Martin's Day celebrations, Christmas Market and Beer Festival.  

4. A Catlover? Feline Kavarna 's lovely cats await you!

I can't imagine a life without cats! If you agree with me, you will need to meet some cats in Brno, too. Pelisek-Kocici Kavarna You can find good coffee, good cakes, wine, and lots of love from the cutest creatures of the earth there. It is not just a place to go and enjoy playing with cats, but also a shelter for cats waiting for adoption. So if you fall in love with one (or more) of cats there and you are ready to be cat's human, you can adopt him / her. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

5. Are they final exams on the way? Study while having good coffee at Atlas

I usually prefer to combine studying with good coffee, and especially if I am writing an essay, I like to be out since I feel more creative when I am not at home. Therefore, finding a good cafe in Brno was a must for me as soon as I moved here. Luckily, I found Cafe Atlas, which is very close to our lovely Faculty of Social Studies. There, you will always be surrounded by other people studying or working with their laptops. There is also a gallery next to it, so it is always to check it out to see if they have an exhibition. 

6. What about a peaceful day near the lake? Brno Reservoir

As you can guess, I am a big fan of nature. Luckily, Brno. Brno Reservoir for sure. You can walk to the lake, have a coffee or lunch at one of the restaurants around, have a hike to Veveri Castle and join a boat trip when it is summer season. For me, having walks around and sitting next to the lake is a very relaxing weekend activity. From season to season, the views are changing to different beautiful themes; flowering season in spring, shades of brown and leaf showers during fall, and sunny vibes in summer make it different time, but always so beautiful! 

 7. Tea and more: Teahouses of Brno

Turkish tea is essential for me. Before I came here, I did not know that tea is pretty popular here as well. But it is, especially in tea houses. Furthermore, tea houses are more than just drinking tea, but offer a kind of culture. There are many tea houses (“Cajovna” with Czech) where you can go and taste different types of teas while playing board games, having a shisha if you like, chatting with your friends, or working with your laptop. Literary Teahouse Glass Meadow, Happy Teahouse, Tea Room Behind the Mirror are among the teahouses I enjoy the bridge and there are many more in the city. 

8. In and Around: Castles

Not only Brno but the whole Czech Republic has many beautiful castles. Brno has two castles. Spilberk Castle. Veveri Castle. Both offers a castle museum and interesting exhibitions. Not just for learning more about history but also for good views, these castles are a must to go. Furthermore, since history brought much to the Czech Republic, this country has many beautiful castles all around and they are well preserved. When you are here, do not miss the opportunity to explore Czech Republic's beautiful castles and learn more about their history. 

 9. Have Beers Like A Local: The Výčep Na Stojáka

This place is one of the most popular local pubs in Brno. Especially in summer, both inside and outside the place is full of people enjoying their beers. It is known as “standing pub” since you have your beers by standing at the pub and they have a good selection of beers. If you like tasting the local style of beers, do not miss this one.  

These are just a few of what I enjoy in Brno. I can definitely say that there will be a lot more to explore and enjoy in the city when you are here.

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