Hello everyone, from beautiful Brno!

It is Müge, from Istanbul, a sociologist, books and music enthusiast, travel addict, loves nature, adores animals (especially cats!), and now study Public Policy and Human Resources at Masaryk University! <3

I studied sociology as my bachelor’s degree at Bogazici University, one of the top universities In Turkey. Also I studied Human Resources Management as an associate degree. During my studies I have had some work and internship experiences in event management, marketing, social media, and human resources.

I have realized how nice and pragmatic is to travel to different countries and to learn about different cultures, since then I become a travel enthusiast who travels as much as possible. So far I have explored more than 50 European cities in 16 countries, in addition to the beauties of my home country and I aim to explore more and more.

Last year, I decided to move a further step in exploring new countries while expanding my academic knowledge and ended up having a master’s degree abroad. My academic interest is especially on labor market policies and I aim to be a Human Resources professional in the future. Therefore, the Public Policy and Human Resources program was the perfect fit for me.

In my search for a master’s degree program abroad, the most important things I was looking for were the field of study, the reputation of the university and international recognition of the program, and also the affordability of living in that country. Hence the Public Policy and Human Resources program was fitting my previous education and my career prospects, Masaryk University was one of the best universities in Czech Republic, and Czech Republic was offering affordable living costs for me; I decided to apply.

Another important aspect for me in my search was the language. I was looking for an English program not only because it is the foreign language I am fluent but also because most of the literature in especially social sciences is in English. For this reason, my bachelor’s degree program was also in English. Plus, living abroad is a good way to improve your English more and more since it is the communication language that you can use everywhere. 

The application process was pretty easy, through the online application system of the university. I uploaded the necessary documents as well as my intention letters, and my referees sent their reference letters directly to the university via e-mail. After submitting the documents, I have had an interview with the department head to discuss about the program and after that I was asked to answer some questions related to the field of the program.

After the end of the application process, I have got the email notifying that I am accepted to the program and my journey to be a Masaryk University started. During the summer I dealt with the visa procedure and preparations to move to my city, and in September I arrived in my new city and university. Since then, I have been exploring this beautiful country and studying in the field I wanted to work on.

All in all, if you are interested in studying in this field, learning about public policy implementations in European Union and sharing how it is in your country, furthermore if you enjoy being in an international environment and meeting people all around the world; this means that this program has a lot to offer you.

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