As an acute coffee lover, I feel extremely blessed to live in Brno. When it comes to third wave cafes and high-quality coffee shops, this city got us spoiled for choice! To be frank, I don’t have a favorite but I can give you my top 5 recommendations - on where to get (currently takeaway only) your caffeine intake.

1. SKØG Urban Hub

This spacious café has that cool and clean Scandinavian vibe. SKØG is located right at the city center near the Vegetable Market (Zelný trh).


2. Kafe Friedrich

They source beans from a Danish coffee roaster which I love so much! They also have a picturesque window, perfect for your Instagram photos.


3. Večerka

In Czech, Večerka also refers to minimarkets that are open in the evening. However, this Večerka

Is another coffee temple located near to the Špilberk Castle.


4. Milady Kaffee

This minimalist gem is pays attention to details. The beautiful design of their coffee mugs match the exquisite taste of coffee.


5. Pelíšek - Kočičí Kavárna

Čauky mňauky! This coffee shop is very special because they rescue cats. In addition, they offer some locally sourced quality coffee.


I hope you’ll enjoy Brno coffee scene as much as I do! Stay safe and caffeinated. Pro-tip: buy a re-usable coffee cups to minimize waste.



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