The work schedule for obtaining the HR Award

Work to obtain the HR Award began at the Faculty of Social Studies in the autumn of 2019 with the presentation of the individual principles of the Charter and the Code at meetings of Faculty Management and Dean’s Council.

Gradually, all 40 principles were presented according to the 4 areas of the Charter and the Code:
1) Ethical and Professional Aspects
2) Recruitment and Selection
3) Working Conditions and Social Security
4) Training and Development

Subsequently, candidates were addressed in all research positions R1-R4, from individual departments and institutes, who form the Working Group HR Award. At the same time, the Steering Committee HR Award was set up to oversee the whole process, comment on, and support the Working Group. The Steering Committee is the body that undertakes to implement the required Initial Action Plan Design within 24 months. A third body, the Project Working Group HR Award, consists of administrative staff who oversee formal matters within the OP RDE II project and comment on issues and principles that are common to all employees of the FSS, e.g. working conditions, recruitment of workers. The project team ensures the implementation of the HR Award in synergy with the project
  • December 2019

    Endorsement of the Charter and Code

    Official cooperation with the European Commission began with the faculty expressing its interest in implementing HRS4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) in the form of a statement declaring our intention to start implementing the new HRS4R personnel strategy at the faculty. The Letter was sent and received by the European Commission on 9 December 2019.

  • January to October 2020

    GAP Analysis and Initial Action Plan Design

    Mapping the current conditions of research and administrative staff at the faculty using an online questionnaire.

    Based on the completed questionnaires, we will process a Gap Analysis to create a concept of the differences between what works at the faculty, and what we would like to establish at the faculty within the new direction of HRS4R.

    The Working Group HR Award is collaborating on the creation of the Gap Analysis. The Gap Analysis will be presented to the Management of the faculty and the Dean’s Council in June 2020. From the Gap Analysis, in cooperation with the Working Group HR Award, an FSS Initial Action Plan Design is gradually being created, which will be presented to the faculty management, Dean’s Council and employees in June 2020, and must document the fulfilment of individual shortcomings (legislation, programmes, support infrastructure).

    A specific part of the analysis is also focused on the process of open recruitment of workers. 

  • November to December 2020

    Sending processed documents to the European Commission

    From the results of the Gap Analysis will be created the FSS Initial Action Plan Design. This Initial Action Plan Desing will document the fulfilment of individual shortcomings (legislation, programmes, supporting infrastructures). All documents and translations will be approved by the Faculty Management and sent to the European Commission by December 9, 2020.

  • January to February 2021

    The European Commission will award a temporary HR Award certificate

    At this stage, the process of improving working conditions will be implemented based on the Initial Action Plan Design. Working conditions will be comparable to other prestigious European universities.

  • 2021 to 2023

    Implementation of Gap Analysis outputs and needs

Process of obtaining the HR Award. Source: Euraxess

Financial support towards preparation for obtaining the HR Excellence in Research Award is provided by the European Union within the call announced by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Operational Programme Research, Development and Education (OP RDE) “Development of capacities for research and development II”. The project “Development of Human Resources and other Strategic Areas for Research Support at MU” (reg. No.: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_054/0014703).

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