Politics, Media, and Communication

(starting Fall 2022)

Program info

Department of Media Studies and Journalism
Department of Political Science
Program type: bachelors
Study mode:  full-time
Title : Bachelor
Tuition fee: 1,100 EUR / semester
Standard length of studies : 3 years (6 semesters)
Language of instruction:  English

Learning Outcomes

  • understand how media in democracies impacts societal and political changes
  • describe mechanisms of the effects of the media content on political attitudes and political behavior
  • understand the basic principles of political communication and campaigns
  • interpret media and political contents
  • analyze secondary quantitative and qualitative data on the role of the media in politics, political communication, and political attitudes and behavior
  • find and evaluate relevant information and data on the role of the media in politics, political communication and political attitudes and behaviour

Degree Overview

To understand contemporary politics, it is absolutely crucial to understand the role played by the media. The rise of new media and new technologies have affected the functioning of society in general and politics in particular. On the contrary, the changed position of traditional political actors on both the national (lower rootedness of political parties in society) and the international level (national states) and the transformation of society in the 21. century have lead to the growing importance of the media in the study of politics.

The undergraduate study program Politics, Media, and Communication focuses on the interplay between politics, the media, and society by synthesizing approaches of comparative political science, political theory, and research on political behavior and approaches from the research of the media publics, the study of new media, and mass communication and its effects. The interdisciplinarity and complexity of the study of the importance of the media in contemporary politics make the program Politics, Media, and Communication is exceptional compared to other study programs.

The program is an excellent choice for those applicants whose interests lie in the developments of contemporary politics and the role of the media in politics but also for those who are interested in the quality of democracy, political behavior, communication of political actors and transformation of the media sphere.

The graduates from the program Politics, Media, and Communication will understand and will gain analytical skills in the area of contemporary politics with emphasis put on: 
1) the importance of the transformation of society and the media sphere for politics,
2) the role of the media in democracy,
3) modern political communication and campaigns,
4) the effects of the media on political attitudes and political behavior.

Specifically, graduates can expect to work for political parties, public administration, international organizations, PR agencies, research agencies.

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