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Name: Kateryna Omelchenko
Studies: Global Challenges: Society, Politics and Environment
Level of study: Bachelor's
Country: Ukraine
Instagram: @katee_om

What experiences make you a great ambassador? 

Being a ‘newcomer’ to my program, I realize how hard it is to take a step into the unknown. Those desperate feelings and desires to overcome the settling process and adjust to an entirely new environment are well-understood.

Therefore, here I am, eager to assist and help you with any matter or concern you might have. I sincerely love what I study and where I am doing it. Do not hesitate to contact me!

What advice would you give to new students?

From the moment you enter the ‘academic door’ of the faculty, you will be driven by rigorous studying. However, do not forget about your social life.

Make connections, talk to new people, and search for new activities – you will find so much significant and helpful information by doing that. Do not limit yourself! There is always something for someone willing to look for it.

What do you love most about Brno?

Brno is just the right place. It is a place that does not pressure by the insane rhythm of life but instead helps to study and work in the cozy atmosphere of local cafes and libraries. The multicultural environment helps one not to feel very lost in the first days and easily find connections in the future. Plus, it is super convenient: with the accessibility of public transport, you will fulfill your desire to be punctual.

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