FSS has a new professor!

Zdeněk Kříž from the Department of International Relations and European Studies was appointed Professor by the President of the Czech Republic on 17 June 2020

30 Jun 2020

Zdeněk Kříž's professorship is awarded in the field of Political Science. Last year, he delivered his expert public lecture on the topic of "Transformation of the military sector in Germany? An endless search for suitable military capabilities."; followed by an address to the FSS MU Scientific Council on "Security Research in Political Science." The appointment process for the title of Professor culminated on 17 June 2020, when the President of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, signed the appointment decree.

The process of achieving the title of "Professor" in the Czech Republic is different than in many other countries. In the Czech Republic, only those who have been appointed by the Czech President may use the title of Professor. They must be nominated by their University, and approved by a committee of peers in the field. At the Faculty of Social Studies, you will see many lecturers with the title of doc. (Docent) denoting the rank of Associate Professor, one step below the full Professor level. The remaining faculty will mostly have the title of Assistant Professor, holding Ph.D. titles.

Zdeněk Kříž studied Political Science and History at Masaryk University. He has been working at the Department of International Relations and European Studies since 2004 and became the department head in 2019. He is currently working with his research team on a project designing a methodology for predicting the escalation of latent conflicts. "We want the methodology to be a guide on how to minimize the threats arising from conflicts," says Kříž. (taken from Atrium - full article here – Czech only)

Congratulations to Professor Zdeněk Kříž of the Faculty of Social Studies!

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