Information for first year BA students - first weeks at FSS

An overview of the most important terms, contacts and links, orientation in the IS, ISIC, confirmation of study, course enrollments, etc. to facilitate the start of the first semester for bachelor students.

30 Sep 2020

Bohuslav Binka, Vice-Dean for External and Internal Communications

“Dear students,
I welcome you and congratulate you on entering the campus of our faculty. Studying at a university is in many ways a major milestone in our lives, so I would like to use this letter to summarize the most important things that can make it easier for you to start this stage.
We have created an overview of the most important things for you on the website of our faculty - terms, important contacts and links on how to find your way in the IS.”

Bohuslav Binka, Vice-Dean for External and Internal Communications

In the coming days, a few key steps await you.

What to focus on in the Information System

We recommend that you get acquainted with the IS environment, as it will be your main source of information about subjects, teaching, etc. for the next period of study. When registering and enrolling courses, you will also get to the syllabi of courses (ie basic information about the content of the course, its completion, requirements and mandatory and recommended literature). You can use instructional videos created by CZS, to get acquainted with the Information System .

Enrollment of subjects

If you have not yet enrolled courses in the autumn semester 2020, do so no later than October 18 (by the end of the day). The sooner you enroll, the better your chances of getting into the subject, as many of them have limited student capacity, even with online learning.

From 5 to 18 October 2020, there is a period of changes in the registration of subjects, so you can unenroll in some of your registered subjects and at the same time still register new ones. If you are not yet enrolled for a course, but on a waiting list (registered) and still would like to take the course, do not remove yourself from the course. It is possible that some of your colleagues will unenroll or the capacity of the course may increase during this period, and enrollment will be made automatically.

You can read how to proceed when enrolling subjects here. You can also watch instructional videos for enrolling subjects in the IS and here are videos with tips on how to use the IS system..

A tip for successful completion of the semester

You will get a certain number of credits for each successfully completed course. In total, you must obtain a total of 180 credits for the entire bachelor's degree (with proper completion in 6 semesters). Although it is enough to successfully obtain 20 credits for the progression to the next semester, we recommend that you enroll at least 30 credits, and thus have a sufficient reserve in case of unsuccessfully completed course.

Do you need a study certificate?

It is possible to request it electronically via the IS.

ISIC card settlement

We must have your photo in the system before you apply for a card. This can be purchased at MUNI workplaces. For more information, visit the IT MUNI website . You can purchase an ISIC card through the MU Shopping Center . You log in in the same way as in the information system, order the relevant card as in a regular e-shop and pay by bank transfer or payment card. You will be asked to pick up the ISIC card by e-mail (to your faculty e-mail) from the study department.

Important dates

All key dates for this and the following semester can be found on the FSS MU website in the academic year schedule.

For the current semester it is important to know:

Information on the study with regard to emergency pandemic measures.

How the teaching will take place

It is important that all teaching will take place according to the schedule, online. You will meet your teachers through one of the online communication platforms. From October 5, you will have at your disposal syllabi of individual subjects, which you will find in the study materials in the IS. You will also have access to compulsory literature in digital form in the study materials.

Communication support in your study program

As part of your study program, you will have a communication platform (social networks, etc.) available, where you will be able to obtain other necessary information. You will also have regular video consultations with your study advisors or program guarantors.

Visit to the faculty and use the facilities for your preparation

The faculty premises are open to you. The library is available to you according to the opening hours found on the library's website. You can also visit the study department during office hours. If you need to use school wifi to prepare for lessons or you are looking for study facilities, you can use the atrium or study rooms. After confirming with the teachers, you can meet for personal consultations.

Important hygiene and safety measures

Masaryk University, and therefore also our faculty, follows the university traffic lights. You can find it after logging in on the pages of your Information System or on our website or directly in the faculty premises. Please wear face masks consistently, use the disinfectants available in the faculty building, and keep the specified spacings. The situation can change dynamically, so please follow your e-mail, our website or facebook.

Where to turn if I don't know what to do

First, try to see if you can find the answer quite easily on the web yourself. For matters related to studying at the university, generally use the Students section on the MU website, similarly, the Student section also exists on our faculty website. Another important source of information is the MU Information System, which has its own help section. Try searching for industry-specific information on your department's website.

If you did not find the answer, do not hesitate to ask us

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