Independence of Judicial Power

Currently, central Europe shows a worrying tendency towards political populism on one side and departure from principles of liberal democracy.

The judicial power should be the natural last line of defence guaranteeing the basic principles of the rule of law. However, as the current development in some countries indicates, some political show clear tendencies to restrict the power of the judicial branch and to influence its functioning by intervening into its inner mechanisms (e.g. by nominating of like-minded judges).

It is thus of utmost importance to deal with the topic of judicial independence and preserving of the role of the judicial power in healthy democratic systems (i.e. preservation of basic rights, balancing of the political system, protection of minorities, etc.).

We consider the issue as absolutely crucial since the aforementioned pressures and trends have been largely hidden to the general public which, in the worst of potential outcomes, might remain unaware of the potentially irreversible changes to the delicate balance of power in the country and the region.

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