doc. Mgr. et Mgr. Adéla Souralová, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for education, Faculty of Social Studies

Office: 3.51
Joštova 218/10
602 00 Brno

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Phone: +420 549 49 5168
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Curriculum Vitae

Person-Related Identification Information
  • Adéla Souralová, PhD.
  • Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
Employment - Position
  • vice-dean for education
    associate professor
Education and Academic Qualifications
  • 2009 – 2013 PhD, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University. Dissertation title: Vietnamese Immigrant Families and Czech Nannies: Mutual Dependency, Emotionality, and Kinship Ties in Caregiving.
    2007 – 2009 Master, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
    2007 – 2010 Master, Department of French Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, Masaryk University
    2004 – 2007 Bachelor, Department of Sociology (Social Antrhopology and Gender Studies), Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
    2004 – 2007 Bachelor Department of French Language
  • 2019 – present Vice-dean for education, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
    2018 – 2019 Vice-dean for internationalization, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
    2021 - present Associated professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
    2013 – 2021 Assistant professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
    2013 – Assistant professor, Office for Population Studies, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
    2010 – 2013 Assistant, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University
Teaching Activities
  • Ehtnography and Fieldwork, Antrhopology of Migration
Scientific and Research Activities
  • 2018 – present principal investigator of the project ‘Care, kinship and intergenerational relations in threegenerational living’, Czech Science Foundation, GA18-08273S
    2016 – 2017 team member and researcher, ‘The fourth age: the identity of disability during the period of active aging’, Czech Science Foundation, GA15-03156S
    2013 – 2014 team member and researcher, ‘Educational strategies of migrants and ethnic minority youth’, Czech Science Foundation, GAP404/12/1487
    2009 – 2010 junior researcher in the international comparative research EDUMIGROM: Ethnic Differences in Education and Diverging Prospects for Urban Youth in an Enlarged Europe, 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, 7E08069.
Akademické stáže, studijní nebo pracovní pobyty
  • 2011/09/12 – 2011/10/07: SWE
    • Graduate kurz "Social Capital, Stratification and Integration: A Critical Approach". REMESO graduate school.
  • 2011/05/23 – 2011/05/25: Umea University, Umea, SWE
    • Kurz "Transnational Feminism". InterGender.
  • 2011/03/28 – 2011/04/29: Linköping University, Linköping, SWE
    • Kurz "Introduction to Research Methods in Ethnic and Migration Studies". REMESO Graduate School.
  • 2011/01/17 – 2011/02/18: Linköping University, Linköping, SWE
    • Kurz "Theories of Ethnicity and Nationalism – Historical and Contemporary Debates". REMESO Graduate School.
  • 2010/11/01 – 2010/12/03: Linköping University, Linköping, SWE
    • Graduate kurz "Citizenship, Ethnic Division and Social Exclusion: National and Post-national Perspectives". REMESO Graduate School.
  • 2010/09/27 – 2010/09/30: University of Bergen, Bergen, NOR
    • Konference a PhD workshop "First Generation Nationals: Structural Trajectories, Mobilisation and Social Imaginaries".
  • 2010/09/27 – 2010/10/29: Linköping University, Linköping, SWE
    • Graduate kurz "Theories and Politics of International Migration". REMESO Graduate School.
  • 2010/05/24 – 2010/05/28: Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, HRV
    • Kurz "Feminism in a Transnational Perspective: Challenges for old/new economic inequalities"
  • 2010/01/18 – 2010/02/26: Linköping University, Linköping, SWE
    • Graduate kurz "International Migration, Ethnicity and Gender: Intersectional Perspectives on Labour, Power, and Citizenship". REMESO graduate school.
Major Publications
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla a Michaela ŽÁKOVÁ. My home, my castle : meanings of home ownership in multigenerational housing. Housing Studies. Abingdon: Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis, 2022, roč. 37, č. 8, s. 1446-1464. ISSN 0267-3037. doi:10.1080/02673037.2020.1853074. URL info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla. “My parents did everything for us but nothing with us” : Parenting and mothering in Vietnamese immigrant families in the Czech Republic. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal. London: SAGE Publications, 2021, roč. 30, č. 1, s. 39-59. ISSN 0117-1968. doi:10.1177/0117196820981376. URL info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla. Grandparents, kinship ties, and belonging after migration : the perspective of second-generation grandchildren. Global networks. Hoboken: Wiley, 2020, roč. 20, č. 2, s. 362-379. ISSN 1470-2266. doi:10.1111/glob.12240. URL info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla a Michaela ŽÁKOVÁ. Pod jednou střechou : Třígenerační soužití v české společnosti. 1. vyd. Brno: Centrum pro studium demokracie a kultury, 2020. 263 s. Sociologická řada, sv. č. 19. ISBN 978-80-7325-498-8. doi:10.5817/CZ.MUNI.M210-9588-2020. info
  • SEDLÁKOVÁ, Tatiana a Adéla SOURALOVÁ. Emerging age asymmetries in the research relationship : challenges of exploring transition to the fourth age. Ageing & Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019, roč. 39, č. 2, s. 409-433. ISSN 0144-686X. doi:10.1017/S0144686X17001040. URL info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla. Transnational grandchildhood : negotiating intergenerational grandchild–grandparent ties across borders. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019, roč. 45, č. 13, s. 2447-2467. ISSN 1369-183X. doi:10.1080/1369183X.2018.1443392. URL info
  • HORTOVÁ, Simona a Adéla SOURALOVÁ. “I am not alone” : Intergenerational solidarity in three-generation households from the perspective of the older generation. Slovenský národopis. Bratislava: Slovenská akadémia vied, 2019, roč. 67, č. 2, s. 144-164. ISSN 1335-1303. doi:10.2478/se-2019-0008. článek - open access info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla a Michaela ŽÁKOVÁ. “Everybody Takes Care of Everybody” : Care Circulation and Care Relations in Three-Generation Cohabitation. Journal of Family Issues. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publication, 2019, roč. 40, č. 17, s. 2628-2657. ISSN 0192-513X. doi:10.1177/0192513X19860177. URL info
  • HRONOVÁ, Tereza a Adéla SOURALOVÁ. Managers, Consumers, Visitors : Roles of Caring Relatives in Emerging Home-based Eldercare in the Czech Republic. Sociální studia. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, Fakulta sociálních studií, 2019, roč. 16, č. 2, s. 7-24. ISSN 1214-813X. doi:10.5817/SOC2019-2-7. článek - open access info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla. Mother-grandmother contracts : Local care loops and the intergenerational transfer of childcare in the Czech Republic. Journal of European Social Policy. London: SAGE Publications, 2019, roč. 29, č. 5, s. 666-680. ISSN 0958-9287. doi:10.1177/0958928719873833. URL info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla. Delegation of childcare in immigrant families and its consequences. Journal of Family Studies. Routledge, 2018, roč. 24, č. 1, s. 5-24. ISSN 1322-9400. doi:10.1080/13229400.2017.1375422. URL info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla a Eva ŠLESINGEROVÁ. Post-Socialist eldercare in the Czech Republic : institutions, families, and the market. In Karen Christensen and Doria Pilling. The Routledge Handbook of Social Care Work Around the World. 1. vyd. London: Routledge, 2018. s. 159-170. Routledge International Handbooks. ISBN 978-1-4724-7945-7. info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla. Postsocialist Caring Biographies : Care Work between Work and Non-Work. Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018, roč. 25, č. 2, s. 229-253. ISSN 1072-4745. doi:10.1093/sp/jxy011. URL info
  • DUBENSKÁ, Tereza a Adéla SOURALOVÁ. Turning to or Away from Religion : The Role of Religion in the Lives of Romanian Migrants in the Czech Republic. Journal of Religion in Europe. Leiden: Brill, 2018, roč. 11, č. 1, s. 73-98. ISSN 1874-8910. doi:10.1163/18748929-01101004. info
  • HRONOVÁ, Tereza a Adéla SOURALOVÁ. Eldercare agencies and the marketing of care work in the Czech Republic : relieving a family burden? International Journal of Care and Caring. Bristol: Policy Press, 2018, roč. 2, č. 2, s. 235-251. ISSN 2397-8821. doi:10.1332/239788218X15251715859481. článek info
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  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla. Children in paid care-giving work : Invisible receivers or active agents in caring relations? Childhood. London: SAGE Publications, 2017, roč. 24, č. 4, s. 438-452. ISSN 0907-5682. doi:10.1177/0907568217694420. URL info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla a Hana FIALOVÁ. Where have all the fathers gone? Remarks on feminist research on transnational fatherhood. NORMA : International Journal for Masculinity Studies. Taylor and Francis Scandinavia, 2017, roč. 12, č. 2, s. 159-174. ISSN 1890-2138. doi:10.1080/18902138.2017.1341461. URL info
  • SOURALOVÁ, Adéla, Tereza HRONOVÁ, Matouš JELÍNEK, Vendula KŘIVÁ, Stanislav MAKEŠ a Monika ŠPANIELOVÁ. Péče na prodej : Jak se práce z lásky stává placenou službou. 1. vyd. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2017. 256 s. ISBN 978-80-210-8651-7. info
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