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Research at the FSS is conducted both by specialized research institutes and departments. The research comprises all the subjects within the portfolio of social sciences taught by the faculty so that the interaction between original research and education remains assured. 

 Department of Psychology -The Psychology Research Institute (INPSY)

INPSY focuses on the following areas: social, developmental, health, media, and educational psychology. Current primary research topics encompass sexuality, political participation, media and behavioural addictions, as well as gifted children. We place a strong emphasis on maintaining the highest methodological and statistical standards.

Department of Political Science and the Department of IR and European Studies - International Institute of Political Science (IIPS)

Research in the fields of comparative government, comparative politics, electoral studies, political marketing and communication, European integration, international security, and energy policy issues. IIPS publishes the Czech Journal of Political Science.

Interdisciplinary Research Team on Internet and Society (IRTIS)

Research related to the social, psychological, sociological and political implications of the use of information and communication technologies. IRTIS co-organizes the annual international conference Cyberspace and publishes Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace.

Department of Sociology

Research in the areas of social stratification, socio-economic inequalities, family and partner relations, population trends, migration, cultural change, robotization and the emergence of new technologies in everyday life. Our research focus is a multidisciplinary field, wide open to new influences and new knowledge. All kinds of international scientific cooperation are welcome.

Department of Social Policy and Social Work

The research covers a broad range of topics in social work, social policy and social services. In social work a special focus is on problems and interventions related to children and families, disability and ageing, professionalisation and social, cultural and organisational conditions of social work practice. In social and employment policy a special focus is on comparative research, evaluation research and intersections of family policies, employment policies and social inclusion.

Department of Environmental Studies

Our research explores environmentally sustainable lifestyles and pro-environmental behaviour of different social social groups and examines alternative economic models and embraces the concept of degrowth theory. Additionally, we examine the cultural, historical and philosophical foundations of the human-nature relationship and focus on effective environmental education and communication strategies.

Department of Media Studies and Journalism

Research in several areas linked with media studies, political communication, and journalism. We address the crucial changes in the media landscape and their consequences for society. More specifically, we focus on the current audiences of both news and popular media, their attitudes and media routines, the changes in journalism and working conditions of journalists, and the changes in media and communication addressing issues like populist communication or incivility.

Office for Research and Project Support

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