The breadth of research that is undertaken here is central to all our activities: it enhances our teaching and learning, and it enriches the lives of all our staff and students. The main social science research topics at FSS MU are: families and youth, personality development in the processes of socialisation and social reproduction, ethnicity and social identity; along with related social problems such as poverty, unemployment, marginalised groups and incidental socially-pathological phenomena, as well as interventions aimed at their solutions; also political systems and political situation in the Czech Republic and in Europe; media analyses and environmental problems. Within their research projects, teachers and scholars cooperate with colleagues from a whole range of foreign universities, in the area of applied research, we collaborate with public administration institutions at all levels.

Research at the Faculty of Social Studies is organised under four specialized institutes, two of them being successors to previous large research schemes.

The Institute for Research on Children, Youth and the Family is engaged in a long-term study of children and their families that is part of a unique European research project. This longitudinal research, based on a widerange and detailed observation of hundreds of volunteers, is accompanied by satellite projects and validation programmes. Special attention is devoted to social and health risks of personality development and their impact on the psyche of young people.

International Institute of Political Science The Institute draws on a long-standing tradition of political science research at Masaryk University, and via its activities it helps to cultivate and develop the disciplines of political science, international relations and European studies; it disseminates its research both to scholars and to the general public. The Institute’s active involvement in the development of these disciplines is apparent from the research projects it instigates and implements, from the research outputs it publishes in periodicals and books, and from its co-ordination and organisation of conferences, seminars and lectures on topical social themes.

The Office for Population Studies (UPS) at the Faculty of Social Studies (FSS) of Masaryk University (MU) is a newly established research centre well grounded in the long academic tradition of the FSS MU Department of Sociology. Like other research institutions across Europe and the United States, UPS integrates cutting-edge interdisciplinary knowledge from the fields of sociology, demography, social policy, economics and political science, and draws on their diverse viewpoints in applied studies on population affairs and processes. This approach substantially enriches our research perspective on population and society and enables us to reach fuller understanding and more accurate explanation of various social processes.

The Institute for Public Policy and Social Work studies the development of public policy and social work in the context of contemporary social and economic challenges, while focusing on organizational development of the institutions of public policy and social work and the management processes in public sector.

Further research projects and studies are run by the faculty departments in line with their teaching and professional interest. The results of our research are regularly presented at international conferences. Recent research projects were supported, among others, by these institutions: The Ministry of Education, Fund for Development of Higher Education, Grant Agency of CR, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Jan Hus’ Educational Foundation, European Commission within JEAN MONNET programme, European Social Fund, and 5th, 6th and 7th Frame EU Programmes.


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