Incoming Student Checklist

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Visas and Medical Insurance

  •  Visa and Residence Permits for students: Start the process to apply for your visa as soon as you are able to. For  more information, read the MU website and the website of the Immigration Office.
    • The following documents will be sent in your acceptance package by the Faculty of Social Studies. We are unable to send them directly to the embassy. All other documents are not distributed by the Faculty.
      • Acceptance Letter (in English and Czech)
      • Proof of accommodation - for visa purposes, but it is still necessary for the student to book for accomodation (see below)
      • Jednotné Potvrzení o Přijetí ke Studiu (in Czech) - this is the confirmation of studies needed for your visa. (for full degree students only)
  • Health Insurance
    • International Students are required to have valid health insurance. For those outside the EU, this often requires purchasing Czech insurance. For more information about these requirements, please visit this website.


  • After students arrive they may be required to check in with the foreign police. This will depend on what type of accomodation the student chooses, for more information please visit this website.
  • Some students arrive on a temporary visa, students should make sure they have a valid visa and start the Extension of Stay  process with enough time.
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Students have the choice to apply for accomodation at the residence halls or find private accomodation. Typically, for students who are required to obtain a student visa, it is easier to choose to live in the residence halls, at least in the beginning. 

Students can find more information on how to activate SUPO, book MU dormitories and pay the deposit, and Timetable and Instructions for securing accmodation here

Getting to Brno, and Settling In

Apply for a Buddy
The Erasmus Student Club (ESN) is an orgnazation that is open to ALL international students (not just those that come here through the Erasmus Programme). They offer many events over the semester, but one of the most helpful resources for incoming students is the Buddy Programme

Orientation Week
Orientation Week - Students should be sure to arrive in Brno for Orientation Week, which takes place the week before the start of classes every semester. Schedule, and information abou the Orientation Week Package, which includes some exclusive activities can be seen here

Getting here by plane...
Brno is fairly easy to get to to from Prague or Vienna airports, unfortunately, the Brno Airport has limited connections, so students tend to have to travel by bus or train from Vienna or Prague. Many students find it easiest to fly into Vienna airport and take the RegioJet or Flixbus from the Airport to Brno. Please make sure to book these well in advance, as there are many students that travel to Brno. There is no direct bus from the Prague airport. Students will need to transfer into the city center and either take a train or bus. 

Getting here by train/bus...
Students will find that there are many bus and train connections from Prague, Vienna, and other cities. For more information please visit this website

Some things to consider...

  • Students often find traveling by train with multiple pieces of luggage to be difficult. For this reason, many students find the bus to be easier, however some companies do charge for extra pieces of luggage. 
  • Book your travel from neighboring cities to Brno as soon as possible to ensure your place. Many train and bus companies have apps that allow you to cancel your journey up to 15 minutes before departure in case of delay.
  • When booking your bus or train to Brno, make sure you give yourself enough time to collect your luggage. i.e. 30 minutes is too short between landing time and departure of your next transportation.
  • Follow our Facebook Page to find out about what will be going on/what events we've had in the past to get a better idea of the Student life. 


  • Each faculty at Masaryk University has its own academic calendar, students can view the academic calendar for the University and faculties here
  • Courses offered for the following term can be found here. It is also possible to view past courses to get an idea of what has been offered, but there is no guarentee they will be offered again (unless they are compulsary for Full Degree Students). 
  • Full Degree Students should ensure that they have started the process for Prior Degree Recognition
  • Information on the FSS Library  and all MU libraries 

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