Best things to do in the Czech Republic and its surrounding areas.

Hello everyone, and welcome to my 2nd blog as the student ambassador. The previous blog was about my opinions on the IREP program and why it fits me, and why I think you should consider the program for yourself. The last blog also mentioned how the Czech Republic is the ideal country for me. Its central position on the European map is perfect and allows us, students, to broaden our horizons, have fun, enjoy and educate ourselves. This blog will focus precisely on that, and I’ll tell you all about the best places that I have had the chance to visit in the Czech Republic and its neighboring countries.

To start, let me tell you all about my first trip out of the Czech Republic, which was to Bratislava, Slovakia. Bratislava?! Yes, Bratislava is amazing for anyone who loves to walk around the city sightseeing, adores castles, and appreciates some amazing cafes. Let me start with the Bratislava Castle; looking at the castle from the tram is a sight to behold but visiting the castle to get mesmerized by its beauty is breathtaking; an interesting fact about the castle is that only one of its four towers is real the other ones were created to complete the look of the castle. Trivia aside, the castle is truly magnificent and even has fantastic museums in it. Bratislava is unique and a charming city that I deem extremely underrated. It's a must-see city!



Continuing on the theme of beautiful scenery and castles, I would recommend any and everyone to visit Lednice in the Czech Republic. If castles are your thing, like how they are mine, then Lednice is the place for you. The location is straight out of a Disney movie, offering beautiful gardens, unique interiors to gawk at, and of course, surrounding the castle is a lovely trail that is perfect for going on long walks. Lednice is also an ideal picnic spot situated quite close to Brno, which is highly convenient.

Of course, no list of the best places in the Czech Republic is ever complete without Prague. Prague is the most beautiful city that I've ever seen and it was just my luck that I was asked to be the member of a diplomacy club that is based in Prague in the month of March, this year; meaning, I get to go to Prague every week to attend the diplomacy meeting. And every time I go there the city never ceases to amaze me. The restaurants are fabulous, the streets are amazing and the architecture is just superb. Prague even has its own Eiffel tower (well kinda) its called the Petřín and its surrounded by beautiful flower gardens 10/10 would recommend a visit.

Last but not the least the best thing to do is actually walk the streets of Brno! Brno is beautiful and the city has so much to offer. You never realise how pretty Brno is until you enter an unfamiliar part of the city and look at the beautiful cherry blossoms or the incredibly elegant cathedrals and churches. When in Brno, walk your heart away and I can guarantee that you will find a cool hidden gem that you'll cherish forever.

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