Náměstí Svobody in Brno-Centrum

Brno Centrum

  “Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing”

Some folks like drama, excitement, challenged life, constant activity and disturbance. So, these hyperactivities are more easily available in larger cities only. On the other hands, some folks are happiest to living in the more predictable structure and feel more secure in balanced smaller communities, where their contributions are more appreciated, and folks are not lost in the crowd.

But when we are young, we are more socially driven and want to live in those areas or location which might offer more opportunities for social activities and for fun. 

Choosing the living place is always difficult for everyone, especially when you come to a new country, you don’t have many friends and have a language barrier.  All these things create the problem for me because I want to live alone in my private studio.

 I think a lot about these problems and then I start searching on the internet some good studios, but the problem was that I had no idea about good areas in the Brno. I discussed these things with some local people and some of them told me some areas are not good for living specially for alone girls. I got scared and was obliged to think how can I search a good place to live in.

After all of this I decided to go outside and visit some of these famous living places in Brno. I visited many places but some of the areas of Brno are very nice. Some areas are very clean and have cool and calm environment. But I want to live in an area which resembles the area where I was living in my home country. I want to live in such place where facilities are near to me. I can approach many things easily such as bus station, post office, social activities, university and shopping malls. For this reason, I choose Brno centrum for living because everything is near to me like my home town. I live with the same lifestyle as I live in my home country. At the same time, I know this area has many noises, is busy and many drinkers are found around the Brno centrum. This area provides you many opportunities, such as, many people find jobs easily in this area because many big firms, factories and shopping malls are near to the centrum. Medical doctors are easily available near the centrum, but one thing is that FN hospital is far away from centrum. One negative thing about centrum is that rents are quite higher than other places. But I like this area very much because now I have my studio in centrum.

So, I could give advice to all of you, I suggest that your decision to more center around on “How” you want to live. There are many things in our lives that we loose but we still tend to remain happy without them. Bright and shiny things are obtained only after hard work and sacrifices.

So, you all are those persons who want to live in crowded areas or happier to live in clam and peaceful area with a few friends and family?


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