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Food, Bars, and Music

Hello Dear Reader. If you are interested where you can spend quality time in Brno, then continue reading. Although the city is quite small, it does not lack a number and variety of places to explore.

Brno surprised me with the amount and quality of food produced locally. If you didn’t have chance to try open sandwich a.k.a. “chlebíček” you are missing out. There are several places where to get this traditional Czech junk food, but nothing beats Chlebičkárna Ema located at Šilingrovo Námnestí. To this day I haven’t found better place for this delicious piece of bread. They also do experiment with flavours and ingredients so do check them out if you happen to be nearby. If open sandwich is not enough and you would like to have full lunch, then let me recommend 4 pokoje. Lunch menu here is always fantastic. Chefs seem to experiment quite a bit but also you can enjoy some classic Czech dishes here. If cocktails are something you fancy, then you should try some of them. They tend to be creative in their flavours. Presentation is quite average but each time I take a sip from one of the cocktails in this establishment I can’t stop myself from smiling.

This is a great establishment in itself and I highly recommend you checking it out! 

Brno is quite rich in case of cocktail bars. Cocktail culture seems to be on the rise here and therefore 4pokoje is not the only place where to get great cocktails. Bar který neexistuje is one of many places with great service and even better cocktails. It is also located in the city centre so drop in when you have some time. But beware, cocktail bars can be pricey for some people and they sure are for me.

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If you are wondering or even having some doubts about Brno’s nightlife, then just don’t. Nightclubs and bars where you can meet new people or just spend time with friends are here and are making a good job of satisfying diverse groups of people.

If mainstream radio hits and crowds are something you fancy, then definitely check out Sono or Fléda. These 2 nightclubs are more generally oriented towards mainstream crowd and majority of students. I don’t visit them as often but as the saying goes: each to their own. If you are interested in some more artsy oriented shows or nightclubs, then do check out Kabinet Múz or HaDivadlo. HaDivadlo being my personal favourite. Shows here don’t really have huge crowds but what they don’t lack is atmosphere. The nightclub is located in the backstage of a theatre and dancefloor is oriented towards the audience. It really is a unique feeling when you are enjoying a show in atypical place like this. Shows in HaDivadlo tend to be quite experimental so if you would like to taste something new, authentic and contemporary do try this place.

If nightlife is not for you and you would rather spend some quality art time in gallery or museum then don’t fear. Brno has a lot of those too. Make sure to visit Museum of applied arts. The experience will depend on exhibition, but I was never disappointed or felt that I am losing my time.

There is so much more to see in Brno, but the most important tip is to keep your eyes open. There are many interesting bars or galleries hidden in the city and beautiful historical architecture is its own thing of beauty. Believe me that you will have to experience these things for yourself because just reading about experiences will just leave you wanting more. And if you want more then come visit Brno where you might just get something you didn’t even know you needed.     

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