Hello everyone,

My name is Juri and I grew up in Munich. After doing my bachelor’s in the Netherlands and various internships, I gladly chose coming to Brno to study energy policy. During my previous studies and internships, I often came in contact with topics around the energy sector and started to develop some passion for this field. It became obvious to me, that the energy sector has to be transformed in the very near future in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. Here, at Masaryk University and through the program “Energy Policy Studies”, we students can acquire all the needed skills to become part of the driving force for change.

My favorite feature about “Energy Policy Studies” is the program’s wide, but yet limited scope to learn about the energy sector. The program has a wide scope, because we look at the energy sector from social, political, economic and political angles. This allows us to develop a holistic understanding of our field. However, students also have the possibility to define an individual approach by selecting optional courses in their own fields of interests. This way, we gain broad knowledge about the energy sector, while simultaneously specializing in our “favorite” topics within the field.

The broad, but yet very detailed approach to study energy policy makes “Energy Policy Studies” a great program for students coming from all sorts of different backgrounds. While many of the current students come from social or political sciences, we also have many engineers. This can lead to interesting discussions, whereby all benefit from the other ones’ previous experiences.

Lastly, perspective students should not worry about potential language barriers at the faculty. If your English skills were sufficient enough for eight seasons Game of Thrones, you should not be afraid of studying in that language. All teachers and students have sufficient English skills as well and energy related terms are usually explained in greater detail, if necessary.



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