My favorite things of Brno!

The city of Brno can be full of life and surprises, there is a wide quantity of options and activities that you can do. Cultural events, parties, sport activities, among many other options, are some of the things you will experience by living in Brno.

One of my favorite activities in Brno is hiking. The good transportation system gives facilities to do in the city or in the surroundings. Moreover, the “Call of the Woods” is a group who organizes a hike almost every weekend. Some of the advantages of participating with this group is that you can meet interesting people from all over the world. Another advantage is that generally, the end of the hike has a surprise, like visiting a castle, a cave or a significant and beautiful place. So far, this is my favorite activity.

Another thing I really enjoy about Brno are the great coffee shops and bars the city has. Brno has many innovative places, if you want to go for a beer and relax, or if you want to have a coffee and study, you will have to decide the place among so many great options. Another advantage of the Czech Republic is that beer is very cheap, so you don’t even have to be worried about expensive prices. Some of the bars give you surprises, like having a specific atmosphere that characterizes it, for example medieval bars, or “hidden bars” with circus themes to make your visit more exciting and a unique experience. Although those places can be more expensive than a regular place, definitely they are worth to go and visit them at least once to experience something different.  

Since Brno is a student city, there is a great nightlife, with a wide offer of clubs and parties that show the energy of Brno. In this sense, the International Exchange Student Network (ESN) of Masaryk University does a great job in organizing parties and events with different themes for the international students. The ESN not only organizes the best parties, but also many cultural events or sports activities. The ESN also works with other universities of Brno, increasing the network of international students, so you can meet more people. In general, the ESN is an organization of students that tries to help you in everything you need at your arrival and tries to make your life in Brno the best.

Furthermore, the city of Brno also organizes interesting activities. It is common to see the city center with different markets and fairs, that sometimes celebrate something special, like the Christmas market, which is one of the most beautiful in Europe.  Also, there is an Easter market, where you can go and drink a green beer. Other times, they have other kind of activities, like a beer festival or an Italian market. The best part of these festivals is that you can drink a beer in the city center while listening to typical Czech music played alive, giving you a great experience about the culture. 

One of my favorite spots of Brno is the lake, which actually is a dam. It is a unique experience because it is so big and nice that you can perform many activities, like going hiking, swim during the summer, or have a picnic with your friends.

Brno is also rich in cultural activities, with a beautiful Opera House, or the theatre, you can get cheap tickets to enjoy any of these activities. Besides, there are organizations that plan tours to show some cultural spots that are worth of visiting.

As you can see, Brno provides different activities. You can choose among many options and enjoy the life in Brno. Although it is a small city, I can promise that you will never get bored because there is always something to do, you just have to explore your options to see which one fits you better according to your interests.

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