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Bahareh Mehrabi

Master’s in Public and Social Policy and Human Resources, graduated in 2023

coming from Iran, currently working in Brno in a multinational company

interviewed by Michaela Nespěchalová. January 2024


Hello, I'm Bahareh, and it brings me immense pride to share the delightful experiences I've had during my studies at Masaryk University with you.

1. How was your experience at Masaryk university?

In my view, one of the most cherished and meaningful chapters of my life unfolded during my pursuit of a master's degree at Masaryk University. Over those two years, Masaryk transcended mere academic grounds; it transformed into a familial haven. The camaraderie among students from diverse corners of the world, the dedicated professors, and everyone in that community fostered a sense of family. The warmth in their interactions, the unity in their words, and the collective spirit in every event were truly commendable and brought me immense joy.

2. What did you enjoy the most about studying at Masaryk University?

Fondly etched in my memory are the best moments from my academic journey—engaging in diverse educational and recreational events orchestrated regularly by the university. These occasions not only allowed every student to explore the rich tapestry of cultures, customs, and traditions from different communities but also provided a platform to engage in insightful conversations with professors. These interactions offered a clearer perspective on real-world issues, enhancing my understanding and enriching my educational experience.

3. What did you learn during your studies that attracted you the most?

One captivating aspect that significantly influenced my personal journey and evolved into a pivotal focus for my aspirations is delving into research on societal and environmental equality, gender equality, particularly within the context of urban living. This exploration became a transformative force, not just shaping my individual path but also aligning with my broader vision.
Being a woman myself, the discussion holds a special resonance as I hold a genuine passion for fostering awareness of rights, not only among women but extending to men as well. Recognizing and advocating for each other's rights is, to me, the foundational stride in advancing modern societies. It marks a crucial step towards the progress, perfection, and collective happiness of humanity in today's evolving world.

4. What are your plans for the future of your academic career?

In my future endeavors, a significant goal of mine is to engage in researching and analyzing academic articles, translating theoretical insights into practical applications within a professional work environment. My focus lies in gaining a genuine perspective on the alignment of theoretical principles, particularly in the context of gender equality. This aspiration stems from a desire to contribute actively to creating a workplace that not only acknowledges but embodies principles of equality and inclusivity.

5. Do you have any advice for the incoming students that you would like to share?

Seize every opportunity to engage with professors and fellow students across various fields during scientific and recreational events. Each moment, whether inside or outside the classroom, is akin to a box of keys. These interactions are the keys that can unlock doors throughout your life. I've personally experienced the power of these connections, and I encourage you to make the most of them—each encounter might just be the key that opens a door when you encounter a closed one in your journey.

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