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Jeffrey Norquist

Master’s and Ph.D. in Sociology, graduated in 2023

coming from the USA, currently a professor of sociology and academic writing in New York City

interviewed by Michaela Nespěchalová, February 2024

  1. How has your Master‘s and Ph.D. in Social Studies degree helped shape your career path?

I have completed both my MA and Ph.D. at FSS, and now I work as a sociology professor in New York City. Before discovering sociology and studying at FSS, I was planning to work in student affairs/academic administration. I rather enjoy teaching and research much more!

2. How was your experience at Masaryk University?

I really loved my time studying at the sociology program at FSS. There’s a great community of scholars and some truly excellent professors. My advisor really cares deeply for her students‘ work and professional development. And I made a number of lifelong friendships too.

3. Can you share some examples of the specific skills and knowledge you gained during your program that have been valuable in your professional life?

The program at FSS is very research-oriented. In addition to sociology, I also teach research skills and academic writing. My time at FSS really gave me a strong foundation in understanding research methodology and a process-driven understanding of developing papers and articles.

4. What did you learn during your studies that attracted you the most?

I became a partisan of cultural sociology! That specific orientation of social study not only makes great sense to me in terms of sociological interpretation, but has also helped me understand my own life and social experience better.

5. What were some of the most memorable courses or experiences during your studies?

My favorite experiences were related to various study groups I took part in. From cafe meetings with my fellow first-year MA students to taking part in more formal groups such as the Supper Club and the Center for the Cultural Sociology of Migration, these were not only intellectually stimulating experiences, but places of community building as well.

6. What initially attracted you to the field of social studies, and has that motivation evolved over time?

In 2010, I proofread a thesis by a sociology student at FSS. It was my first real exposure to sociology, and I was inspired to apply to the sociology program at FSS. In time, my motivation turned from simple intellectual indulgence to building a career in academia.

7. How did your program prepare you for working in a diverse and multicultural society?

I’m a New Yorker, so I come from the most diverse and multicultural society in the world. And yet studying in Brno (a truly great university town!) was still a huge expansion of my cultural experience. My MA cohort was from all over the world and I learned a lot from them about life and perceptions in different societies.

8. Do you have any advice for the incoming students that you would like to share?

When I arrived at FSS I had already been in Brno for a few years and had many friends. Yet I still was proactive about building community with my fellow students—organizing study groups and nights out together. That was the foundation for a great experience. My advice is to “join up“ with student life groups, say yes to social occasions, get involved with faculty events like discussion groups and visiting speakers.

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