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Martin Fornůsek

Master’s in Conflict and Democracy Studies, graduated in 2021

coming from the Czech Republic, currently working as a journalist at the Ukrainian English-language media outlet, the Kyiv Independent, living in Lviv, Ukraine

interviewed by Michaela Nespěchalová, March 2024

1. How has your Master‘s of Social Studies degree helped shape your career path?

Studying Conflict and Democracy Studies drew me to the topic of how democracy and war impact one another and why. The knowledge I gained from the program has definitely been beneficial for working as a journalist in Ukraine during a war.

2. How was your experience at Masaryk university?

It feels that my time at Masaryk University flew by, but I enjoyed it. I was lucky to have attentive and knowledgeable tutors and a good community of students.

3. What were some of the most memorable courses or experiences during your Master's program?

A course that stood out for me was Conflict Management, where we role-played as parties in various real-life historical conflict scenarios. Putting yourself in the shoes of those involved in these conflicts was really valuable for grasping their perspectives and understanding why solutions to the conflict may not always be as obvious.

4. What initially attracted you to the field of social studies, and has that motivation evolved over time?

I was initially more interested in the humanities, namely history, which has been my long-time hobby. Eventually, I shifted toward social studies because I felt it provided more opportunities to be involved in and contribute to society while still close enough to my interests.

5. How did your program prepare you for working in a diverse and multicultural society?

Studying in a diverse community was one of the reasons why I chose an English-language program over a Czech-language one. It prepared me to communicate in English on a daily basis and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Since then, I have always worked in multinational teams.

6. Do you have any advice for the incoming students that you would like to share?

Start your studies with an open mind and don’t be afraid to shift to a different subject if you learn something is more interesting or valuable for you.

7. What is your professional career and where are you currently living?

I work as a journalist at the Ukrainian English-language media outlet, the Kyiv Independent, and I live in Lviv, Ukraine.

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