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Yasmine Nahal Azouzi

Master’s in Conflict and Democracy Studies, graduated in 2024

interviewed by Michaela Nespěchalová, February 2024

1. How was your experience at Masaryk university?

When I first arrived in October 2021, the semester had already started, and MUNI was still actively taking preventive measures against COVID-19. I felt isolated and couldn’t properly socialize with my colleagues. With time, I met wonderful people who were either classmates or students of other programs.

2. What did you enjoy the most about studying at Masaryk University?

The diversity of my program -Conflict and Democracy Studies- was something I have really enjoyed. Often, class discussions reflect this diversity and I always learn something new. With students from the Balkans, North America, and Sub-Saharan Africa, it felt like I was on a 2-year trip.

Another thing that I enjoyed about Masaryk University is the amount and proximity of libraries. With the number of libraries, I had access to as a MUNI student, I certainly felt spoiled.

3. What did you learn during your studies that attracted you the most?

My degree can sound depressing for many people, but during these last 2 years, I had a lot of fun familiarizing myself with other issues that are not necessarily related to my home country or continent. I was also lucky to be surrounded by passionate colleagues who have a strong urge to learn, and to also share their personal and professional experiences.

4. How did your program prepare you for working in a diverse and multicultural society?

CDS program is designed for students who are curious about many regions, their political history, socio-economic situation, and present condition. With that, students find themselves getting intellectually enriched by the amount of information you learn about a country and its culture.

This has equipped me with better understanding of the other, and that there is a strong possibility of having things in common although we come from completely different worlds.

5. Do you have any advice for the incoming students that you would like to share?

Brno is a great student city and incoming students should take advantage of that. In a few weeks from arriving, you will already have friends to hang out with and favorite spots to go too. While doing that, my advice would be to take the time to get to know some elements of the Czech culture by either having local friends, reading books and/or travelling.

Also, winters can be very cold, but summers are lovely!

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