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Name: Amira Nassar Aguilar
Studies: International Relations and European Politics
Level of study: Bachelor's
Country: Mexico
Instagram: @amiracipriano

What experiences make you a great ambassador? 

Being from a country where everyone knows each other, to a country when you know no one, can be quite shocking. I’m here to provide a support system for anyone who feels far away from home, but also to answer doubts about any processes regarding admissions, visa, etc. Being ambassador before for my country as Rotary Youth Exchange student has taught me how language barriers and cultures matter little when a community is formed. Let me be that community you can come to whenever you are in doubt or to express anything you need.

What advice would you give to new students?

Say yes to every opportunity, especially on your first semester, don’t be scared of rejection or having a bad time. The best experiences come from the least planned ones. Go to the informal meetings, karaoke’s or international student breakfast!

And most importantly ask questions, no question is dumb, dumber is the person that remains with the doubt. So feel free to reach out and I’ll answer all your questions :)

What do you love most about Brno?

Coming from a small city, Brno feels like home. I love how many cafés there are to the point that I will never discover most of them. How easy is to find vegan and vegetarian places and how going for a beer is the best afternoon plan. Brno is filled activities all over the year, you can go to the Opera, have a picnic by the Lake or go on a hike to the mountains.

Walking here feels like being on a movie, you feel free and so happy!

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