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Name: Nicolas Navas
Studies: Cultural Sociology
Level of study: Master's
Country: Colombia
Instagram: @lallamallamarada

What experiences make you a great ambassador? 

I come from Colombia, a multi-ethnicity country with different cultures and beliefs, coexisting together. My desire of studying abroad took me on a journey full of hassles that I managed with patience and discipline. I understand that every country has its own rules and cultures within it. I can help you understand how Brno and the Czech Republic culture interact with international students and how this city moves around people from all around the world.

Being familiar with the problems and hassles that incoming students can face during their application and immigration process, let me help you to organize your To-Do list and give you some ideas to be ready for the incoming administrative process. Don't be shy to ask about anything, we are here to help and make your academic dreams true.

What advice would you give to new students?

Check the details of your program and be familiar with the university requirements. Also, check the possible expenses you will have to manage during your stay here and prepare some savings for it. 
The information system (IS) is the main platform where professors and directives post the documents and information every day. You will use it almost every day during your studies. Remember to add it to your favorites tab in your browser so you can be up to date the whole semester.
Sometimes the amount of information seems to be too much to handle at the same time. Having a piece of paper or sticky notes and a pencil will help you to organize one step at a time what you need to accomplish your dreams of studying abroad.
Czechs are friendly and welcoming to international students and they appreciate it a lot when you try to talk in their language, so another piece of advice would be to start learning some basic Czech words on Duolingo or Youtube.
Remember, Czechia is opening its doors to us as international students, so we are their guests. Therefore, as a matter of good manners, we should respect their culture and country to the fullest.

What do you love most about Brno?

When I found Masaryk University and the high amount of international students studying in the same city I knew this was my place. You can encounter people from all over the world and share experiences with everyone. The architecture of the city center is wonderful and filled with structural details. Every time you walk around the city, from one faculty to another, you will encounter new details, artworks, sculptures, and people that will change your life forever.
The transport system will be your best friend and with the student tram pass, you can go almost anywhere around the city with just a monthly ticket. You will have plenty of time to explore this astonishing city filled with art, culture, and amazing nightlife.
In addition, if you like beer and art, Brno and the Czech Republic are your right destination. There are so many types of beers and galleries that you would need plenty of time here to taste and see everything. Brno and Masaryk University are waiting for you.

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