English-taught Bachelor Program

Students who study at the Faculty of Social Studies for their bachelor's degree find themselves opened to the world of opportunities. Classes are taught by experts in their field, as well as visiting professors from well-known universities around the world. Masaryk University, as the second largest university in the Czech Republic is able to invite ambassadors and experts in their fields.

For more information on the program, please visit their website. Below is information regarding the application procedures.

Students can choose to start the program in September or February. Please see deadlines and more information below.

International Relations and European Politics

Application Deadlines

Due to the necessity for visas, the recommended application deadlines for EU citizens and non-EU citizens are different.

EU Citizen

The deadlines for EU citizens are:

  • June 1: September start
    • Applications are open starting September 1
  • November 30: February start
    • Applications are open starting July 15

non-EU Citizen

Recommended application deadlines for non-EU citizens:

  • April 15: Recommended deadline for September start
    • Applications are open starting September 1
  • June 1: Final deadline for September start
    • Applications are open starting September 1
  • November 1: Recommended deadline for February start
    • Applications are open starting July 15
  • November 30: Final deadline for February start
    • Applications are open starting July 15

* For students from countries that require visa to study in the Czech Republic , we recommend applying the following deadlines to give more time for the visa process. For students from non-OECD countries, please note that this process may take longer than expected.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for English-taught Bachelor programs is 2200 Euro per year.
See the MU website for tuition fees for academic years (2019/20). 

Application Procedure

  • Submitting an application

    Students can only apply to the program when the applications are open. To apply, go to the E-application  - here you also find all details about the degree program and its admission requirements with the full list of literature for the entrance exam, if applicable

    A complete application means: submit the e-application, cover the application fee of CZK 450 (via bank card or bank transfer), and send all documents for evaluation .

    You can submit the following documents: via the e-application form (see 6 slots called Appendix 1 etc.). be scanned into one PDF document)

    The documents we collect are:
    1) cover letter of 500 words (in English)
    2) Essay - 1500-word Essay on a foreign policy or international politics topic of your own choice (in English)
    3) secondary school certificate or proof of current studies
    4) Transcripts of Grades from secondary school
    5) Proof of English (if you do not have a certificate, submit an honest statement)
    6) ID or passport copy

    The next steps of the admission process and entrance conditions will be communicated to you through the online application and by letter / email from the University. You can track the status of your application by yourself through the online application system anytime.

    Applications will be reviewed by the admission committee and students who pass the first round will be invited for a skype interview.

  • Skype Interview

    Successful applicants of the first round will be invited for a skype interview. Students will receive an email about next steps and how to set up the interview.  

Application Fees

Fees associated with the admission procedure for Bachelor programs was set at 450 CZK.

You will find full instructions in the e-application and you will use your bank's exchange rate (card, as well as bank transfer payments are possible). The applicants are required to pay the fee for each application submitted. Payment information for each electronic application, including individually assigned identification code, is generated by the Information System following the submission of the online form. The system generates a bill after each individual e-application is filled out.

When submitting more than one application, the applicant can pay for all applications with a single payment. Payment is made through the MU online shop. It is not necessary to confirm payment by post. Applicants who fail to attend the entrance examinations will not be refunded.

After Acceptance

After acceptance, students should follow all necessary information provided by the Department, the Program, and the International Office. For more information, please review the international student guide. Students who are accepted to the program will need to do the following.

  1. Submit final transcript once graduated from secondary school (if applying while still enrolled).
  2. Students must submit their prior degrees (secondary school, BA, MA, etc) for recognition, this can be done once arriving in Brno, but steps must be taken in your home country. All accepted students receive detailed information from us regarding this process.
    • Please note: students who have studied in the Czech Republic and Slovakia do not need to go through this process. Always follow directions provided by the admissions office. 
  3. Apply for a visa student if a non-EU citizen. More information about the visa process is available here .
  4. Apply for accommodation
    • Please note: applications for accommodation in MUNI dormatories open in January for the February start date. 

Admission contact for programs in English

Mgr. Klára Němečková
Phone: +420 549 497 119
General Questions

Czech-taught Bachelor Program

International students who can study in Czech (are able to read, write, and speak) are eligible to apply for the bachelor programs offered in Czech. For information on bachelor programs in Czech, please visit the Czech version of this website here .

Students follow the same admission procedure as Czechs, more information can be found here . You can find lists of study fields open for admission, links to application form and admission requirements, application deadlines and fees, and a brief description of entrance exams. The level of your Czech must be at least B2 or higher.

Application deadlines and fees

Czech-taught Bachelor program applications are to be submitted until 29 February 2020. (the form opens on 1 September of the previous year).

The application is set at 400 CZK. You will find full instructions in the e-application and you will use your bank exchange rate (card as well as bank transfer payments possible).

Admission contacts & useful links
  • Admission Office, FSS MU, Jostova 10, Brno, Czech Republic. Admission to English-taught programs: e-mail: admission@fss.muni.cz, phone: +420 549 491 914; Czech-taught Bachelor and Master programs,  e-mail: prijim@fss.muni.cz; phone: +420 549 496 956.
  • MU Prospective International Students– Detailed information about Masaryk University, preparatory year with Czech language, degree programs offered, admission calendars, tuition fees, degree recognition, visa procedures, and also about studies and life in Brno in general, etc. FAQs.