Name: Metin Binnatov
Studies: Cultural Sociology
Level of study: Master's
Country: Azerbaijan

What experiences make you a great ambassador? 

First of all, we are students and therefore I, too, know what are the most sensitive points when enrolling to the university, from accommodation processes to tangling with new syllabuses, especially in these unclear times. Knowing all these processes, I can definitely put myself into newcomers' shoes and help them with any question that may occur for a new student. Furthermore, before even coming to Brno I did a lot of research on culture and mentality of the country, so I can really help to get used to the country, tell about its peculiarities and recommend the best restaurants and cafés!

What advice would you give to new students?

Familiarize yourself with as many people as possible, take an Erasmus buddy if possible, networking is always important.

What do you love most about Brno?

I used to live in big Moscow and in small Baku, and I liked the both experiences, nevertheless I can say Brno is the “golden middle” that is not too big and not too small. Furthermore, it provides big libraries, good nightlife and a plethora of choices in every aspect of life. Every time I come back to Brno from a trip to another city/country, I really feel like I came back home. 

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