FSS Mates

What is it?

The Faculty of Social Studies has created a support system for students when they have appointments at governmental offices or doctors to provide translation services. Recognizing that there are times when language assistance is helpful, the faculty has launched this programme. 

For what services can I use this for?

The primary reasons for launching the programme was to provide assistance

  • at immigration offices at Slatina or with registering with the foreign police
  • doctors visits (predominantly registration with the nurse at the start of the visit as doctors speak English and/or other languages)
  • communication with landlords

Other reasons are possible - in the form, you will list your needs.

How to sign up?

Students can sign up for this support here.

The appointment must be AT LEAST 5 business days in the future - i.e. cannot be the same week.

Please note, the FSS Mate is not responsible to make an appointment for students, nor to help students fill out applications (i.e. it is the students responsibility that they have all the required documentations required of the appointment).

FSS Mates is a volunteer service, we cannot guarantee a student will be available at all times, but will do our best to find someone to help you.



The FSS Mates is a confidential service - any information they are provided will not be shared to the outside the two students - including the faculty.

FSS Mates is a volunteer service, we cannot guarantee a student will be available at all times, but will do our best to find someone to help you.

The translation support provided by FSS student volunteers should not be considered *official* translations. They are meant to provide support during appointments and help take away stress.

If you require official translation of documents, you must use someone who is certified

If you are in legal trouble, students should consult legal support.


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