PhD Students

Doctoral degree programmes at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University are of key importance, and in relation with the increase of scientific production, doctoral students play a significant role in research and development. They become internal members of research teams and their work on doctoral theses contributes to scholarly findings of the Faculty.

Since September 2006, doctoral studies at Masaryk University are fully implemented into ECTS credit system, and it is based on The Rules for Studies and Examinations of Masaryk University. The standard duration of doctoral degree programmes is 4 years, with possible extension to 8 years.

Guides and Forms

Doctoral degree programs taught in English are administered by the International Office. If you study in Czech, you will contact the Doctoral Study Office.

Below, find all basic forms and requests. Study regulations are described in the respective menu section.

How to enroll – 1st year

The enrollment takes place during first week of teaching of each semester in the International Relations Office, FSS MU, Joštova 10, Brno, room No. 1.14.

Please bring with you

1. Notarized copy of Master’s Degree diploma; The Masaryk University graduates can provide just non verified copy. The holders of Master’s Degree issued by universities outside the Czech Republic have to present an official document confirming that their prior degree can be recognized in the Czech Republic
2. Your ID or passport

During the enrollment the Study Contract between Masaryk University and the student will be signed.

To complete the enrollment, it is necessary to be photographed for student (ISIC) card and for the Information System – see below.


You can submit formal requests for exceptions from study and examination regulations (from the credit miminum, etc.) or requests for interruption of studies, and other. We will be glad to consult your situation with you.

All forms and requests can be found in the PhD studies folder on the document server in IS.

Get a new ISIC card

  1. After you sign enrollment form, you must take a photo for IS and the card in Komenskeho nám. 2 building, Wed or Fri 10-11am
  2. You  order the card and pay the fee of 180 CZK
  3. You can pick up the card from your study administrator – at the Study Office (1.16)

In case you lose the card, change of name or any dysfunction, contact your study administrator first.

ISIC sticker – for extra-university purposes

  1. Order it here
  2. Whenever the IS shows the payment, you can  pick up the sticker from your study administrator – at the International Office

Combined Form Card 

  1. After you sign enrollment form, you must take a photo for IS and the card in Komenskeho nám. 2 building, Wed or Fri 10-11am
  2. You can order the card via this link
  3. You can also arrange the card at the International Office, and you will pick it up there

Information about ISIC cards and other chip cards (combined form cards and chip cards for guest students)

Student ID cards at MU website

International guest and exchange students receive a temporary chip card, together with a set of study confirmations. The chip card is valid inside the university and connected to all databases.

Academic Year and Timetables

Academic Calendar of MU

The Academic Calendar for the whole university and individual faculties.

Deadlines for PhD students

Deadlines to submit a completed PhD thesis for defense in the coming exam period.

Tuition Fees

At present, the tuition fee for all PhD programs at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University is set to be 975 Euro per semester (1,950 Euro per year or 7,800 Euro per the whole degree program).

See the tuition fees section on university web site for reference.

The program’s tuition fee covers tuition, as well as student administration, access to the library and computers and other university facilities. The fee also includes e-learning through the award winning online information system of Masaryk University and access to electronic versions of study materials and other digital resources.

The tuition fee does not cover room, board, insurance or the costs of student travel.

Tuition fee is payable at the beginning of each semester via the IS (invoice is generated automatically to you) or on the basis of an invoice issued by the University’s economic office; on request the tuition fee can be paid in two installments.

Full description of the ways how to cover the tuition fees in Autumn 2016

Study Regulations and Course of Studies

Course of Doctoral Studies

Doctoral degree programs at the Faculty of Social Studies can be pursued in full-time (on-site) or part-time (off-site) form, and last 4 years as a standard. Doctoral candidates work in close cooperation with their supervisors, and follow their general study plan. The study begins with the enrollment, and the progress is every year monitored by the doctoral field board, based on the annual evaluations of supervisors.

Doctoral studies are conducted within the frame of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) being implemented according to the individual study plan under the tutelage of a supervisor. At the same time doctoral students fulfil courses prescribed by the doctoral field board of a given degree programme, and work on their dissertations/doctoral theses (the work on dissertation comprises half to two thirds of total credit value).

General Regulations

Dissertation Defence and State Doctoral Exam

Both passing a state doctoral exam as well as a doctoral thesis defence are necessary conditions for the successful completion of PhD studies at Masaryk University. They must be preceded by fulfillment of all study obligations including completion of compulsory and selective courses. The rules are defined in the MU Study and Examination Regulations, section 31, 32, 33 and 34.

Upcoming deadlines for submitting application, doctoral thesis and supporting documents:

  • April 22, 2020
  • July 22, 2020

The requirements related to the dissertation thesis are published on the web pages of relevant departments or within the doctoral programs info.

Instructions regarding submitting of dissertation work and related documents

There is necessary to submit following documents prior to the deadline

  1. Application Form for the State Doctoral Exam
  2. Application Form for the Doctoral Thesis Defense
  3. Structured professional CV
  4. Structured list of publications
  5. Abstract of the doctoral thesis

The documents have to be sent also to the following address:

Furthermore, there is necessary to upload your doctoral thesis into IS. To enter your Archive, use the following path:

IS →Personal Administration → Student → Final State Examination and Thesis/Doctoral Archive → Work with Thesis/Doctoral Archive

The complete instructions for uploading your doctoral thesis.

After the deadline for uploading the document, no changes are possible.

Graduation Ceremony

Students who successfully defend their PhD dissertation and pass the state doctoral exam are awarded the title PhD and issued diplomas (in English for English-programs graduates) of Masaryk University. The diplomas can be received at a festive graduation ceremony (in July or March), to which you can invite your family and friends. Those who do not take part in the ceremony can pick up their diploma in the International Office or have it delivered via post (upon personal signature).

The graduation ceremony has to be planned ahead. Invitations are sent via MU email (in case you do not read it often, have it forwarded to another email after graduation).

The ceremony is organized by the Rector's Office of MU – Department of Research, Mgr. Markéta Burešová, tel.: 549 49 5365, e-mail:


There is a rehearsal half an hour before the start of each group of students, so be present 30 minutes before the official start. Formal dress code is expected.

Professional photographs and/or videos can be ordered, flowers can be bought in the atrium, and afterwards you can take a photos with your family and friends or colleagues in front of FSS or in the building.

Office for Doctoral Studies

Ing. Dagmar Hábová

Phone: +420 549 494 253

General Questions