Bachelor's Students

Study Department

Students should reach out to the study department for questions regarding 

  • Confirmation of Studies
  • Enrollment / Registration for courses
  • Study Regulations
  • Matriculation Ceremony

Contact Hours
Room 1.21
Monday: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00
Tuesday: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00
Wednesday: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00
Thursday: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00

PE Sport Classes

All BA students are required to pass two physical education courses during their studies. These are 1-credit university-wide offered courses which can be found here

Study Plan

Students are recommended to follow along with the study plan provided by the department.

Bachelors programme:
Global Challenges: Society, Politics, Environment
International Relations and European Politics
Politics, Media, and Communication

For more information about the thesis requirements for the BA in International Relations and European Politics, please visit their website

Study Regulations

MU Study and Examination Regulations – primary reference for your studies

The IS Help function can be very useful in understanding the university regulations.

Student Counselors

Exceptions to the Study Rules

It is recommended that you always try hard to fulfill the duties and requirements specified in the Study Rules, especially those that condition your enrollment in the next semester. If you are unable to fulfill the study requirements, your studies do not continue automatically from semester to semester. Read the most important conditions for smooth study progress in the MU Study and Exam. Regulations, Section 12. To prevent your studies from being terminated, you must write a letter addressed to the FSS Dean stating the reasons why you have not been able to fulfill the requirements, and ask for an exception to the study regulations. You need to officially submit this letter via the Study Administrator (you can also discuss the situation before) in person, or send it as a registered mail, and you will receive a decision in the matter soon.

Another frequent reason for applying for vice-dean's exceptions are changes in course enrollment after the second week of teaching. Please, try to make sure that you select courses carefully and confirm all changes by the deadline: the end of the second week of teaching of the given semester. In case you fail to do this, apply for the exception to enroll in / dis-enroll from a course as soon as possible. Later, as the semester proceeds, these changes will not be approved. Only enrollment in block session courses is possible during the semester: however, if you want to apply for dis-enrollment, you must do it immediately the course starts with some reasons given. No changes at the end of a course or during exam period are approved.

All forms for exceptions and requests, and specific guidelines for Master programs can be found via this link to IS folders:

In these IS folders, you also find all department calendars (important for thesis writing mainly) and guidelines for thesis writing and final exams. Just open the folder you need.


All students who wish to graduate are required to write a bachelors thesis. Ideally, students start thinking about this process about 1 year before it is due. This way, if any data must be gathered, there is enough time to do so.

Students are advised to seek out a professor that they have a good working relationship with, and one that specializes in the area of interest for the student.

Some departments may assign students to professors.

For more information about the thesis requirements for the BA in International Relations and European Politics, please visit their website

Students should reach out to their department about deadlines for their programmes. Some deadlines are as early as October/March of the given term.

Final State exam

State exams are used to test the cumulative knowledge gained by the student over the course of their studies. Students are required to sign up for the state exam in the IS system a few months prior to the exam. Information on how to do so will be sent to students to their university email.

Students are recommended to start studying at least one month prior.

For more information about the state exam for the BA in International Relations and European Politics, please visit their website

Graduation Ceremony

Students who successfully defend their Bachelor theses and pass the final exam are entitled to receive the degree and diploma of Masaryk University. The diplomas are given at a festive graduation ceremony (in September for ending studies in Spring or March for ending studies in Autumn), to which you can invite your family and friends. Those who do not take part in the ceremony can pick up their diploma in the Office for Studies or have it delivered via post.

There is a rehearsal half an hour before the start of each group of students, so be present 30 minutes before the official start. Formal dress code is expected.

Professional photographs and/or videos can be ordered, flowers can be bought in the atrium, and afterwards you can take a photos with your family and friends or colleagues in front of FSS or in the building.

Please find the solemn promise that all graduates will confirm by the words "I promise".

"I promise that I will continue to cultivate and develop the study of human matters, not for profit or futile fame, but for the truth to spread, and its light, in which the wellness of human kind dwells, to shine more brightly. I will keep the honor of the degree awarded unspoiled; and finally that I will keep this university and the Faculty of Social Studies forever in my memory and will always try to protect and support its well-being and interests."

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