What if my visa isn't ready on time?

Students should be in touch with Klára Němečková regarding their visa status and when they expect to receive the visa. Depending on the timeline, some exceptions may be possible. These exceptions are given on an individual basis and students should not assume an extension will be made. As such students should apply for their visa as soon as they are able.​

What's the difference between registration and enrollment?

Registration: The registration period determines the interest of students in courses. Students can obtain better time
stamps for capacity-limited courses.
Enrollment: During this period there is an automatic enrollment / confirmation of subjects for which enrollment
conditions have been met (capacity, prerequisites, etc.). Only at the moment of enrollment do you acquire the right and
obligation to study the course.

Will the payment be the same for online classes?

Yes, the tuition is the same for online and in person teaching.

How should I choose my accommodation?

Watch the video of our ambassadors sharing their experience with accommodation.

Do I qualify for any scholarships?

Currently there is only one scholarship available for students to apply to before studying at Masaryk University, the Newcomers Scholarship. For more information about it please visit the University's website

Can I pay tuition in increments?

The option for payment plans, rather than one time payment, may be possible depending on the students needs. Students will need to prove a need for this and commitment to make payments. Students interested in this should email Ludmila Polášková at lpolasko@fss.muni.cz

What is the accommodation grant.

The accommodation grant is a grant given to students with permanent residences outside of Brno each semester by the university. Applications for the grant take place once a semester. For more information, including how tot apply, please visit the University's website.

Are internships mandatory for students?

No, internships are not mandatory, however different programmes may strongly encourage an internship experience, and internships provide great opportunities for all students. 

The faculty is not able to secure an internship for students, however there is funding available for students if they find one. 

What is the waste fee?

Anyone who lives in Brno for more than 90 days must pay the waste fee. This is possible through the Brno ID. More information can be found here

How to use the public transport?

The Public transport in Brno is very easy and safe to use. However, it is very important to make sure you have a valid ticket or pass with you at all times. For more information about how to get single use and transport passes (recommended) please visit this website

What is the IS and how do I use it?

The IS is the university Information System. Students can find everything they need for their studies, including reading materials, syllabus, email, course registration and more. 

Informational videos on how to use the IS.

Videos with tips on how to work in this IS system can be found here (with English subtitles).
Videos in English on specific topics are here:
Editing the Student Menu
Using Templates
Enrolling in Courses
Finding your Syllabus, Study Materials, and Notebook
Keeping track of your progress to finish your degree
Changing your term in the IS

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