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9 Apr 2020

Dear colleagues, dear students,

Let me inform and remind you of some up-to-date information on the course of
studies during this time of emergency.

The Spring Semester 2020 exam period will run from May 18 to September 30, 2020,
giving you the opportunity to complete your courses in almost four and a half
months. I firmly believe that this University decision will help most of you to
complete all courses, despite the extraordinary situation. All exams will be
done online. If the course and communication are not according to your wishes,
please always notify the course guarantor, followed by the program guarantor or
the head of the department.

Teaching in the academic year will begin on October 5 and will continue until
January 17. More detailed information on the course of the academic year
2020/2021 can be found in the schedule here

As the Dean informed you, we decided to introduce September defenses and state
final examinations for this term only. Below this link
you can find the schedule of September FSE including other deadlines (submission
of work, application for FSE). The original and this term have the same weight
and it is up to you to choose. The September term can be used as a correction
for June, if you did not pass your FSE or defense. Similarly, if you must repeat
the January FSE, you can choose to do so in either June or September. However,
Article 24 (8) of the MU Study and Examination Regulations still applies: “The
student is obliged to participate in the final thesis defence and all other
parts of the state examination in a field which he/she has prepared a final
thesis in simultaneously during one state examination period.” In other words,
you have to defend your thesis and take the state exam in the same date. Diploma
theses will be submitted in both terms only electronically.

In connection with the new FSE deadlines, we also proceeded to double the
admission exam dates for the follow-up Master's degree program. The application
deadline is April 30, but you can choose to take the entrance exam in June or
September (the exam can only be taken once). Those of you who have applied for
the instructions will receive instructions in the first week of May. Final
examinations, defenses and entrance examinations will be in distance form. More
detailed information will be available during April.

I firmly believe that, despite the difficulty of the situation, you are able to
fulfil your study duties and that your teachers are helpful, especially with the
extended exam period. At present, the electronic resources that our library is
working hard to expand are a great help for studying and researching. We have
another extraordinary resource: Sage Publishing has expanded access to the
e-book collection by 26 June and offers videos on research methods (more here:
SAGE Video:, SAGE Research Methods Video :, SAGE Knowledge:
Until May 31, 2020, access to the extensive collection of Taylor & Francis
e-books is now available. Keep in mind that
Bookport is available by Thursday, April 30th, offering access to thousands of
Czech e-books: You can
find all information of the library here:, send any
questions to

Let me once again assure you that we will deal with possible complications in
the study caused by an extraordinary situation in the form of exceptions (e.g.
from the number of credits, etc.). You can count on the helpfulness of the
departments and the faculty management.

Thank you for your attention to this email, I wish you good health and good luck
in your studies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Best wishes,
Adéla Souralová

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