MU Testing Center (COVID-19 antigen tests)

All Masaryk University students, including international students, will have access to testing provided at MU testing centre situated at Brno Exhibition Centre. Getting tested is necessary for those students staying in the MU dormitories, and for final-year students to attend practical classes (which does not apply to FSS students).​

27 Apr 2021

Teaching at the Faculty of Social Studies will continue online for the remainder of the semester.

You can learn about the conditions for access to classes and accommodation in dormitories, including testing options, in the Information for Students section.
MU students can get tested at the MU testing center situated at Brno Exhibition Centre (Gate 1 entrance near the “Výstavi¹tì – hlavní vstup” tram/trolleybus stop) in the following weeks, always on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

Payment conditions for testing are as follows:

  1. For Czech students, i.e. students with full Czech health insurance coverage, tests (1 test every 3 days) are covered by their health insurance company.
  2. For international students who will get tested at the MU testing center and their health insurance company does not cover testing, tests will be paid for by their faculty (if they are students enrolled with the faculty). Tests administered to students enrolled in international programmes (Erasmus, other mobility, etc.) will be covered by the MU Rector’s Office.
  3. International students who get tested at a different testing center operated by a health services provider and their health insurance company does not cover testing, will have to pay for the test themselves.
  4. Students may also use self-administered testing kits to test themselves. However, MU will not be distributing these kits. Students will have to purchase them on their own. They can be purchased at the dormitories for 98 czk. Any student using the self-administrated test for the purpose of the dormitories must do so in front of the receptionist.
  5. The Ministry of Education is currently negotiating aid for universities so that they can reimburse students whose health insurance companies do not cover testing for Covid-19.

If you are a holder of the European Health Insurance Card – EHIC (i.e., you are a resident of the EU, EEA or Switzerland), you may file an application with the Czech General Health Insurance Company (V¹eobecná zdravotní poji¹»ovna, VZP) for the registration of your card. You may do so in person at VZP offices in Brno or via e-mail at (you will be asked to submit evidence in the form of your EHIC and an ID document; the maximum size of attachments is limited to 5 MB). The registration will provide you with a certificate issued by VZP, which substitutes for the European Health Insurance Card and contains your personal identification number valid in the Czech Republic.

Certain people are exempt from testing: people who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 90 days, whose self-isolation period has already passed and who have no symptoms of COVID-19.

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