Connecting Piracy and Security



Rok publikování 2014
Druh Další prezentace na konferencích
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Fakulta sociálních studií

Popis "The aim of this paper is to elucidate the evolving connection between internet piracy and various sectors of security. It explores the perceived impact of piracy on both the economic security (such as loss of jobs) and the internal security (financing terrorism, spread of organised crime), the way these causalities are presented and the background of their emergence. The paper argues that the propositions of these connections are contingent upon political and security situation of the day and, crucially, are tailored toward gaining support for curbing piracy itself rather than mitigating the security issues piracy is said to facilitate or aggravate. Moreover, while the aforementioned and often emphasized effects of piracy seem to be mostly superficial, piracy has a very real impact on cybersecurity. Incorporated into the ""freedom of information"" idea, it forms one of the basic tenets of cyberculture and serves as one of the primary mobilizing themes for hacktivists. Thus large number of ideologically and politically motivated attacks is executed against perceived anti-piracy organisations and institutions."

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