IVF - stipendia mezinárodního visegradského fondu, do 31. 1. 2017

  • 31. ledna 2017
    1:05 – 23:59

Visegrad scholarships support Masters and post-Masters (PhD/postdoc) studies/research stays at higher-education institutions in the V4 region, as well as in the Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries.

More info: http://visegradfund.org/scholarships/visegrad-scholarship-program/

Eligible applicants (Incoming scheme):

AlbaniaArmeniaAzerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, GeorgiaKosovoMacedonia, MoldovaMontenegro, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine

Applicants from these countries can apply for up to 4 semesters (MA level) or 2 semester (PhD/postdoc) at higher-education institutions in V4 countries.

At the Faculty of Social Studies, we require that incoming students apply to us 2 months before the IVF deadline at best, in case they want to obtain the documents. In January, only current students who are enrolled at MU and want to finance their next year of study, can apply.

Eligible applicants (Outgoing/Intra-V4 schemes):

Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia

Applicants from V4 countries can apply for 1 or 2 semesters at higher-education institutions in V4 countries (Intra-Visegrad scheme), and in Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries (Outgoing scheme).

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