The Relationships Between Parent's Anxious Feelings Towards the Child, Parenting Stress and Negative Parenting in China



Rok publikování 2020
Druh Konferenční abstrakty
Popis This research aims to explore the relationship of parent's anxious feelings towards the child, parenting stress and parenting style among Chinese parents with young children. 80 Chinese parents participated in. The study utilized the modified anxious attachment subscale in Experiences in Close Relationships Scale, the Parenting Stress Index, and the subscale of negative parenting in The Short Version of Parenting Style and Dimension Questionnaire. It's found parent's anxious feelings towards child, parenting stress and negative parenting style correlated with each other. However, by partial correlation, after controlling the scores on the Parenting Stress Index, the association between parent's anxious feelings towards child and negative parenting was not significant anymore, which promised the possibility of the mediation model. After mediation model testing, parenting stress was demonstrated as the mediator in the relationship between parent's anxious feelings towards child and negative parenting. These results suggest parent's anxious feelings influences on the negative parenting behaviors indirectly through parenting stress.

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