Transformation der Institutionen – Kontinuität der Problemdeutung. Überlegungen zum Problemfeld Transformation, Tradierung und qualitative Forschung aus einer bildungshistorischen Perspektive

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Publikace nespadá pod Fakultu sociálních studií, ale pod Pedagogickou fakultu. Oficiální stránka publikace je na webu



Rok publikování 2021
Druh Další prezentace na konferencích
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Pedagogická fakulta

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Popis While a better understanding of current institutional transformations is felt to be urgent, transformation processes can be better assessed from a certain distance in time. It is therefore possible that historical educational research can make meaningful contributions – not so much for the concrete analysis of current transformation processes, but for probing the problem area. The proposed contribution focuses on completed transformation processes of the pedagogical institution school and on the actor group of teachers and their interpretation of the problem against the background of the change in their working environment. Based on the investigation of a school reform debate in a longue durée perspective, which I conducted as part of my dissertation, and on my current research project on the change in job-related interpretation patterns among teachers from a historical perspective, the following thesis is to be developed: Against the background of Due to changes in the professional field, the patterns of problem interpretation by teachers were committed to the creation of subjectively perceived continuity. This means that when dealing with change, a selective approach was taken in such a way that the new could be integrated into existing and proven patterns of problem interpretation and processed along these patterns with as few problems as possible. Actual institutional change is often something that happens to the actors and very rarely the realization of their self-imposed goals. Their perceptions of change processes are still broken by the specific pattern of problem interpretation just described. The question of the possibilities of qualitative research on the change in pedagogical institutions results from the fact that it is faced with fundamental problems due to the perspective of its approaches. In historical educational research in particular, it would be possible to reconstruct the change in pedagogical institutions beyond an actor-related perspective, but this would then also fall back on other types of sources than the self-testimonies of the actors. Qualitative research that wants to deal with the current change in educational institutions should therefore either concentrate on the question of how the actors deal with this change, but for the description of the change itself it would have to fall back on the contributions of other branches of research (or consistently represent a social-constructivist position , which suspends this question at all) or it would have to ask itself whether and how research into institutional change is even possible beyond an actor's perspective.
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