Czechia. Risks and Opportunities Related to Media and Journalism Studies (2000–2020). Case Study on the National Research and Monitoring Capabilities. In: Studies on national media research capability as a contextual domain of the sources of ROs. Approaching deliberative communication: Studies on monitoring capability and on critical junctures of media development in 14 EU countries, CS1, D-2.1

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Rok publikování 2022
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Fakulta sociálních studií

Popis The Country Case Study focused on the nation’s potential to monitor the four domains. Given the small size of both the Czech academic field and the media industry, and the expected small number of resources, our team decided to gather the data in an “everything we can find” man-ner. We focused on published academic texts, student theses, and media industry data.In general, the analysed texts are uneven in terms of:1. Saturation of time periods – Until 2010, academic publications were sporadic, and authors were initially foreign academics; later, industry data were gradually systematised and slowly became inaccessible and monetised; 2. Thematic density – Focus on individual topics was more a reflection of authors' and media organisations’ individual interests than a systematic strategy of the field and industry; 3. Thematic breadth – The small size of the academic field and the limited number of associat-ed academics and students did not allow for coverage of even the core disciplinary topics over a longer period; the limited size of the media system has not created a sufficiently competitive environment for data to be accessible or for a relevant professional association to emerge; and 4. Quality – Scholarly texts tended to be theoretical or descriptive, and only in later years did they build on empirical data, plus relevant industry data became inaccessible.This list is a set of risks that concern our monitoring capabilities and the quality of the sources.
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