The Human Development Challenge of Roma Integration: Romany people in Czech Republic



Rok publikování 2002
Druh Odborná kniha
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Fakulta sociálních studií

Popis A Czech National Report, as a part of the international project The Human Development Challenge of Roma Integration consists of two main types of information. The first are secondary analyses of publications and also some other previous empirical researches mapping the situation of the Roma community in the Czech Republic. The second type of information is fresh and in this stage undoubtedly raw knowledge, following an empirical inquiry of the Roma community, which is a part of the above stated international project. The text of the report is divided into five chapters. The first chapter Socio-economic position of Romany brings a view of the Roma ethnic from the point of demographic behavior, wider living conditions and identity. Main findings of empirical inquiry HDCRI are added here. Second chapter Acceptation, coexistence with majority follows mutual relationships of Roma and majority in the context of governmental policy, attitudes of the general public, neighborly relations and unfortunate experiences with extremism and consequent emigrational tendencies of the Roma. Third chapter called Participation describes the ways and a level of integrity of the Roma into the structures of both public and private institutions. Fourth chapter Programs for improving Romany situation accesses information about measures and programs aimed at improving conditions of the Roma on the state and regional levels and also on the level of institutions and examines them from factual point of view. And finally in the fifth chapter Suggestions, recommendations the reader will find proposals aiming towards key areas of Roma issues, that is towards its integration, towards socio-economic position and activities on the field of social work including prevention of social pathology. Information gained through personal empirical inquiries of the Roma in the Czech Republic is integrated at the end of chapters one and chapter three of the presenting report.
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