The thirteenth immigrant? An in-depth exploration of the public perception of migration in the Czech Republic (Thirteenth Immigrant)

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1/2020 - 12/2022
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Fakulta sociálních studií

This project is an in-depth cultural sociological exploration of Czech attitudes toward migration. We build upon surveys, which ground their explanations in socio-demographic factors. While critical to our understanding, we believe that this is just part of the puzzle. The Czech context provides a compelling case through which to study public debates on migration because the levels of immigrants and asylum seekers entering the country are rather low, yet their presence is high on the political agenda. Since the “refugee crisis” of 2015, discussion within the public sphere has become increasingly heated. We employ a mixed-methods approach, conducting individual interviews and focus groups in both rural and urban contexts and undertaking a content analysis of media coverage on migration. Through interpretive analysis, we uncover how people make sense of the phenomenon of migration and relate it to their everyday lives. We also contextualize our findings by looking at how/whether people appropriate and/or reproduce media discourses, to inform their personal narratives.


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